Focus on

sustainability and

future oriented

leader skills


Procedure/recruitment process

A.) Situational/context analysis

After taking on the job, we create detailed company, position and personal profiles with the client. The context is of the utmost importance and has correspondingly high weighting.

B.) Systematic search

We agree the search strategy and selection process with the client in detail. The corporate strategy, culture and organisation of the client (company context) are crucial to our search methods, as well as the future development of the company and complexity of the job profile.

C.) Methodology

“Context-Driven Executive Search“ - methodology based on:

  • scientifically based contextual analysis
  • Personal, long-term contacts with potential candidates
  • database-supported direct contact
  • systematic direct search via the Internet/social media
  • international search via network partners

The combination and weighting of the different search methods are “tailor-made” for every briefing according to the functional level, corporate context, current market conditions, confidentiality, customer budget etc.

D.) Process

Every search request has a different context, different requirements and priorities. We are flexible and tailor our approach to customer requirements. However, each process generally has the following stages: