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Biver’s principles of management

In addition to the “new SGMM” (the new St. Gallen Management Model), we also support the “Biver’s* principles of management”. *(Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Division and Hublot)

Passion is the basis for success. Passion for the company, the product, the employees along with the basic values of respecting, sharing and forgiving.


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Biver's principles of management


Respect for yourself as well as for others (employees, customers, suppliers and environment). We give - and we expect this appreciation.
We share our knowledge, our expertise and our success with our employees, customers and partners. In addition - we share our success supporting charity organizations.
For every progress and innovation many mistakes must be made first. "Forgiving" generates more employee engagement and creates a culture of innovation within the company.