Focus on

sustainability and

future oriented

leader skills


Methods / Tools

Depending on the size of the company, customer requirements and complexity of the job, we will “tailor-make” the process using the following methods/tools:

  • SCA Systematic context analysis
  • GPI basic personality indicator
  • Scheelen EQ
  • SHL
  • etc.

“SCA” Structured Context Analysis

The Structured Context Analysis (SCA) determines the collective cultural patterns of an organisation in relation to a particular context. The corporate cultural factors that are relevant for searching and staffing within the company will be collected in “CODES” with the help of the SCA. The match between the organisational culture and the candidate’s “personal culture” as ascertained from the assessment is crucial for the fit, the resulting employee performance and sustainability.

GPI basic personality indicator

The candidate’s professional skills, qualifications and potential are often more easy to prove and understand than their personal qualities, behavioural and thought patterns. The latter are shaped by their culture, motivation (drive) and values. With the GPI as an evaluation instrument, it is possible to understand the general tendencies/basic convictions and thinking pattern preferences of a candidate or whole team. This makes various thinking and behavioural patterns in the areas of communications, leadership/team behaviour, working style as well as innovation and creativity apparent, while also showing their development potential.

The resulting comparison with the vacancy’s required criteria optimises the team composition and sets the stage for “high performance”.

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