Your advantage

high performance

through innovative and

passionate people


Benefits & added value

…….sustainable growth (success) with happy,                                                    innovative and motivated people

  • Access to 42% of potential candidates
    Using direct contact/active sourcing, we search exclusively for you and open up the market for you from the 8% of job seekers to the 42% of potential candidates who are ready for a job change.
  • Only the best talent thanks to “Codes”
    By considering your company context you get the talent best suited to your company/culture, as well as…
  • Gender Diversity
    We give you quick access to managerial women (various memberships of BP&, as well as our ideology of “womenomics” open up this target group for you.)
  • Better retention/lower fluctuation/anchoring your corporate culture
    Employees who fit into the corporate context, show higher identification with the employer and the work. This high level of job satisfaction leads to longer term employment (increases employee retention by up to 54%)* It also results in the anchoring of your company culture, as well as…
  • Increased performance and profits/high performing teams
    Due to context conformity and related staff development
  • Cost savings through skills optimisation
    Context analysis enables the optimisation of staff employment and the competencies in the corporate strategy.
  • Improving sustainability
    Due to more motivated employees who identify with the company and innovation
  • Competitive advantage through innovation and motivation
    The fit of your corporate context and your employees not only increases your turnover/profit (sales growth x 4)*, but also that of your customers.(Increased customer satisfaction by 89%)*



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*Harvard Business Manager 01/2014

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executive search- & sparring partner
Karin Tissier-Brandt