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September 29, 2019

Competitive advantage of the future – “behavioural advantage”

The classic competitive edge that has been valid until now is based on strategic, operative, technological and informational advantages will not be very sustainable in the future.

In a business world where change becomes usual, the half-life of knowledge and technology becomes ever shorter and is linked to an ever better and faster exchange of information, the existing competitive advantages lose their importance.

In the long term, the front runners or market leaders will be the companies with a behavioural/cultural advantage. This behavioural advantage is achieved by creating an organisation that allows and enables employees at all hierarchical levels to think and act better, leading to better performance.

Companies with this organisation/culture, this “behavioural advantage”, are sustainably competitive. They will outstrip their competition through their innovative strength and edge. Achieving this “behavioural advantage” is challenging for an organisation, however, it is difficult, if possible at all for the competition to copy.

Conclusion: Innovative capability = Competitiveness