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September 29, 2019

Competitive advantage of the future – “behavioural advantage”

The classic competitive edge that has been valid until now is based on strategic, operative, technological and informational advantages will not be very sustainable in the future. In a business world where change becomes usual, the half-life of knowledge and technology becomes ever shorter and is linked to an ever better and faster exchange of […]

March 29, 2019

SME – get the talent with “thinking outside the box”

SMEs* are the backbone of the Swiss economy and make up 99.7% of all business and employ 67% of the workforce in Switzerland. In order to be successful in the future and compete on the national and international stage, they must minimise their risks and maximise their performance with the right human resources. The latter […]

No innovation under time pressure, existential fear etc.

The widespread assumption that the best ideas come from time pressure is not true. Lack of time and deadlines are counterproductive to creativity and inspiration. It is also not true that we use the parts of the brain responsible for logic when we try to find a solution to a problem. Rather, good strategists use […]